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But Wisconsin won be the only place suffering through potentially record breaking cold in the days to come. Dangerously cold temperatures will be hit the Northern Plains and the Upper Midwest this weekend and into next week, causing temperatures to fall below 0F ( 18 C), and in some places, reach 60 F ( 51 C)with the wind chill. In Chicago, temperatures on Monday could threaten the all time coldest daily high temperature in the city history: 11F ( 24 C), reached on Christmas Eve 1983 and Jan.

A tractor trailer rear ended another late Feb. 1, 2017, on the northbound Thruway between New Paltz and Kingston. The rear truck then struck a guardrail and burst into flames. And not just happened, but HAPPENED. We talking 48 21 happened, here. When you 1 and get worked at home by that kind of margin, you make it onto lists like this..

They’ve done a great job in playing to their strengths this year. But they walked into a hornets nest. They beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh last year. The team that showed up in Denver on Sunday had none of those men. At various times since last January, the Patriots lost them, forcing New England to remake itself over and over and over. This team has been a continuous work in progress, and after Sunday’s smothering 16 3 victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos, it’s now clear what the 2016 Patriots are: Whatever they need to be..

Can make use of XP style icons in their company brochures, documentation, multimedia presentations, and other marketing materials. Icons can easily spruce up boring text and turn a once simple piece into a colorful and professional looking document. Having unique, professional looking documentation can give you a competitive edge in the eyes of a potential customer..

In the most anticipated NBA opening night in some time, the Miami Heat chilled in Boston. Scott Ostler, in the San Francisco Chronicle: “How about that Tour de France champ, Alberto Contador? He tests positive for steroids and blames it on some tainted filet mignon. Turns out he also tested positive for the plasticizer used in blood doping IV bags. Apparently it was a bad idea to smush up the tainted filet mignon and eat it intravenously.” .

“Yes,” Gruden said, when asked if that’s his understanding. “He’s my friend, I want what’s best for him. We have work to do and we’re going to finish the job and there will be no distractions.”Kiffin was widely reported on Sunday to be leaving the Buccaneers, shortly after his son, Lane Kiffin, agreed to take the job as head coach of the Volunteers.Monte Kiffin would become the defensive coordinator at Tennessee, the same position he has held for 13 seasons with Tampa Bay, where he has become one of the most accomplished assistant coaches in the NFL.Lane Kiffin was officially introduced as the Tennessee head coach on Monday in Knoxville.Whether Kiffin, 68, decides to announce soon that he is leaving, or whether he decides to hold off on the decision until after the season, the issue will be hanging over the team for the remaining four games as it fights for a playoff spot in the NFC.He said on Sunday that reports of his departure are “speculation, that’s all it is,” although the media outlets cited sources close to Lane Kiffin.Gruden said he will not address it with the team.”Everybody knows Monte, everybody knows the situation,” Gruden said.

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