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March 2018March 22: Dance the night away with the latest Latin hits, learn some moves with Zumba instructors, mix, mingle and meet new people and enjoy a flight of beer at Beer Latin Party at Brew (635 University Ave. Proceeds from ticket sales ($25, including flight of beer) go to build houses in Peru for three families who lost everything to flooding under the Pacas and Peru Project 2018. Entry is free but donations will support Dougall Public School breakfast program and you can be entered to win tri fold table cards for your event.

He did everything in his power to try to get this situation to die down, to de escalate this situation that the other group started. 23rd and E. Carson streets for a report that two males had been knocked unconscious. It’s about people who really love their work and how they got into it, often with a few twists and turns on the way.4 minsAncient Megastructures11:00am11:00amGDocumentary/FactualThe dramatic story behind the Colosseum in Ancient Rome: the men who created it and the men who fought and died within it.50 minsMidday Report12:00pm12:00pmExemptNewsUp to the minute local, national and international news, with special attention on business and the economy.30 minsThe Prisoner12:30pm12:32pmMDramaAn effective exploration of the relationship between captor and captive in a clever and engaging reinterpretation of a classic 1960s TV series.45 minsLead Balloon1:25pm1:26pmPGDramaRick fronts a TV recycling campaign that backfires. When it looks as though he’s going to be accused in the tabloids of smoking cannabis, Rick asks Mel to pretend she has MS. CAST: Jack Dee29 minsPlay School3:05pm3:06pmGChildren’sJustine and Matt show a collection of boxes and describe what is in them; play a dress up game as a frog and mouse and sing ‘A Frog Went Walking’; show the frog calendar and do a frog chant; and play in a box city.24 minsOctonauts3:35pm3:35pmGChildren’sAn intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun.

The bonds for the Minneapolis Convention Center would then be paid off, freeing up funding for other needs. Rybak repeatedly argued that Minneapolis needed the stadium deal, not vice versa. Once the center’s debts were satisfied, Rybak argued, the funding stream would be dead.

The Meyers family told police that Tammy Meyers was giving her daughter a driving lesson when there was a confrontation with the driver of another car. Tammy Meyers drove home and sent her inside to get her brother, Brandon, who allegedly brought a 9mm handgun. Tammy Meyers and her son then went back out, police said..

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