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A place to go if you love the Canes. Obviously, it’s an Irish pub, but it’s the only one we know of in South Miami. You will also find the standard fish and chips ($16) on the menu, as well as the appropriately named beef and Guinness stew ($15). An upgraded pee stick from Clearblue not only tells you if you’re pregnant but also gives you an idea of how far along you might be, via an extra strip that measures the concentration (not just the presence) of human chorionic gonadotropin in your urine. “It doesn’t beat the tests your doctor will run. But it could help women with irregular periods (caused by, say, breast feeding or polycystic ovary syndrome) begin prenatal care on time,” says Pamela Berens, MD, professor of ob gyn at the University of Texas Health Science Center..

Manufacturer: Kinesis, of China Hazard: The front fork can break, posing fall and injury hazards to riders. Incidents/Injuries: Specialized has received four reports of front forks breaking, resulting in facial fractures, head and shoulder injuries and cuts. Flash floods plagued the area in August and now residents are hoping flooding mitigation done in their neighborhoods will prevent damage to their homes.

Was like really super excited, Jason Pena, manager of BlackJack Speed Shop, which is owned by retired NBA great Tim Duncan. Wanted his truck re done and he wanted it re done by BlackJack Speed Shop. Beloved, family truck has been in the shop for a complete makeover a new paint job, custom interior, new suspension, new wheels and new tires.

Since then, school leaders identified on their own an achievement gap between black and white students. Efforts to close it have been well received. In a survey this year, 87% of parents gave the school system a grade of “A” or “B”.”We not just talking.

According to 11 year old Noah Gutierrez, he and a friend were playing near the bushes when they saw the man’s feet. Noah went into the bushes to see if the man was OK and saw there were scratches on his back. He tried to wake the man, asking if he was OK, and when there was no response the two boys went to a house across the street and told a neighbor standing in his front yard about what they’d seen.

Regardless of whether I agree with the reason for the protest, most folks are offended by the form/time of the protest. I hear daily that it has nothing to do with the flag or military, but obviously millions of people feel it is disrespectful, so why not change the timing or try something different which does not offend your customers? Also if you go back to the original messenger it does have to do with the flag. Look up his original comments.

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