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14 Springbrook (W), 17 0Oct. 21 at Magruder (L), 27 3Oct. 28 at Wheaton (W), 14 9Nov. But they also struggle on the road, over all, at 14 17 1. All eyes will be on the Connor McDavid/Eric Staal match up. Staal is enjoying a resurgent season, with 36 goals already.

All in all, the hype surrounding Myles Garrett is for good reason and easy to see. His ceiling is sky high and the traits he has translate well to the NFL. He should be the first player picked. Look at the whole Cam Newton fiasco as a recent example. I wouldn be surprised if Slick Nick used Michigan current situation to bend Dee ear toward Alabama. But, it ain over till it over as they say.

Michael Vick’s Surry County property was recently burglarized, Surry County Sheriff’s Office said. The break in at the property owned by the Atlanta Falcons quarterback and Newport News native happened between May 7 and May 18, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. The crime report wasn’t available late Monday afternoon.

Perhaps I should mention I’ve never been inside a Dick’s Sporting Goods and didn’t know the stores emphasized guns. For the most part, we shop locally for sporting goods (think Ferris wheel). Imagine my surprise when I was arranging for a purchase from Dick’s to discover in response to the Parkland, Fla., mass shooting, CEO Edward Stack had just announced the company’s stores no longer would be selling assault style rifles or high capacity magazines, nor would Dick’s be selling guns to anyone under 21 years of age..

There’s been at least one complaint about the price this year. Michael Constantine, a Wisconsin native who now lives in Washington, had planned to buy a share this year when the rumoured price was $200. When he found out the actual price Thursday, he said $250 was just over the edge of affordability..

Test your Football skills: Find out how solid your long distance throwing, field goal kicking and touch passing skills are with stations designed to mimic game situations. Another section of the NFL Draft Experience is all about the Combine. There you can do the vertical jump and a 40 yard dash (where you’ll race against virtual NFL players)..

DE EZEKIEL ANSAH has 5 sacks, FF FR in past 6 on road. DE ANTHONY ZETTEL aims for 3rd in row with sack. DE CORNELIUS WASHINGTON had 2 sacks in Week 10, his 1st career multi sack game. We doing that. And as we collect the materials, the next thing, of course, is we need a place to send them for reprocessing. We just built the world largest reprocessing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina, $60 million.

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