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That reminds me . It seems last season the slim playoff hopes that remained were kept alive by a big win at Tampa Bay, only to have them dashed the following week at home on Monday night against Detroit. And with little change from last season and a coach who has little to be inspired about this week with no one he despises on the other side, I expect a clunker in the Dome on Sunday to snuff out the miniscule remaining postseason chances this team has remaining.

If things don’t go well offensively, Green Bay is more than capable of stopping a struggling Detroit team that has now lost four of previous five. Lions play in the red zone last week was simply atrocious as Leos should have taken down the Steelers if not for incompetent play calling and execution when in scoring position. Obviously, this point spread is reflective of the Rodgers injury, but a team that has one win at Lambeau in its past 26 visits will have a hard time winning and covering as a favourite here..

Need to design buildings that are essentially floodable, where it OK that the first floor gets flooded every now and again, he said. Places do get wet on a regular basis. Sea levels have been rising over the past century, NOAA says, and the rate has increased in recent decades.

“I’m not sure the good Lord knows what He got himself into, but I’m sure they’ll work it out,” says Kim Auld, who lost her son Trey in the crash of a medical helicopter Monday in Arkansas. (Source: KSLA News 12)Those are the words of a Shreveport woman who learned that her son was one of three people killed Monday in the crash of an air ambulance in eastern Arkansas.Kim Auld told KSLA News 12 she doesn’t believe John Auld III, who goes by Trey, misses them.”I think it’s too euphoric. And I think it’s the biggest party he’s ever been to.

“Back then I had to make the case in San Francisco that the Libertarian perspective is going to be the one that actually protects gay rights,” he said. “It’s not that we care about gay rights per se, or women’s rights or African Americans’ rights, but we care about individual rights. As long as you’re an individual, you should have rights, and that right does include the right to contract.”.

It’s telling that Cardinal Brady grouped Twitter with texting and e mail. The former, of course, is a paid service and a massive profit center for cellular carriers around the world, and the latter you also pay for, albeit indirectly, as a service bundled with your monthly internet access or by allowing yourself to be subjected to advertising. (As a Gmail user, I decided to see what would come up when I e mailed myself the Lord’s Prayer.

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