Theaters offered for sale small coils of repellant placed atop the dash board on a thin aluminum stand and lit to emit a toxic chemical. Hugh Thomas, owner of the Trail and Siesta, endorsed Cone. The local drive ins, the Trail was the largest, advertising that its 780 parking places and a giant screen that made it one of the largest in the Southeast.

A child picks bugs and dirt from her mother hair in the courtyard at the Red Cross run Isbitaalka Dhexe hospital in Baidoa, Somalia on Dec. 3, 1992. With extremely limited resources in the war torn country the staff did their best to provide care. The other Bear who made the watch list was Watson. Last season, the 5 foot 10 inch running back and kick returner had 506 all purpose yards. He was one of five freshman to play all 12 games in his first year, and he greatly contributed to the team, especially as a kick returner..

To remember. Is little work for the adults in the camps, and almost no schools for the children, who make up nearly 60 per cent of the refugees. There is plenty of time to scroll through cellphones.. Welch added that he defines winning more broadly these days than he did during much of his corporate career. I see winning as people defining their objectives and fulfilling them, not being a victim. You define where you want to go, and then you go for it.

Then, you get to the cephalopods, the Stubby Squid, the White Phantom Crab (Tanaoa distinctus), the Widehand Hermit crab (Elassochirus tenuimanus) you see them looking back at you and you realize, they are alive. They are aware. As Middleton commented about the eye of the Pacific Giant Octopus that greets visitors upon entering this exhibit, someone home in that eye..

They are the parents of Sophia Myers, who died of DIPG in 2017. (Photo Source: WLOX)Josh and Angel Myers attend the inaugural DIPG Warrior Walk in Ocean Springs. They are the parents of Sophia Myers, who died of DIPG in 2017.The inaugural DIPG Warrior Walk in Ocean Springs drew about 400 participants.

The Macy’s Parade is celebrating its 86th anniversary this year so the star power will be extra heavy. Trace Adkins, Flo Rida and Carly Rae Jepsenare just a few of the celebrities who will be riding down Broadway. Houston Texans will play the Detroit Lions at 12:30 ET on CBS.

But sometimes, when my mind wanders and I bow my head to the shower stream, I feel the drum of water on my neck and consider the company he keeps: Kennedy. Reagan. Obama. CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) While Sunday’s Super Bowl is being played 1,165 miles away from Bank of America Stadium, the fate and fortune of the Carolina Panthers is one of the big off field stories in Minneapolis considering the fact that the team is officially on the sales block.Beyond the daily Super Bowl hype, behind the scenes conversations and backroom discussions may have a voice and vote with team owners ultimately approving the sale of the Carolina Panthers.Already, there’s speculation over local businessman Felix Sabates bid that his group may be putting a site on Carowinds Boulevard in play.We checked in with the office of economic development in York County.”As we are not aware of any interest by the Carolina Panthers in development of a new NFL stadium in South Carolina,” The office’s director David Swenson said in a statement.On Wednesday, league commissioner Roger Goodell expressed his commitment in not uprooting the team.”Carolina is a great market,” Goodell told reporters.”It’s a market we would like to stay in.”Sale of the Panthers could very well be on the fast track at the end of this weekends Super Bowl gathering in Minneapolis.Here’s a couple of key dates to keep in mind.By the end of March, league owners will have meetings in Orlando and the sale could very well be wrapped up by the time owners get together for their spring meeting in Atlanta. Phillip). Demonstrators cheer during a “March for Our Lives” protest for gun legislation and school safety Saturday, March 24, 2018.

Has been most productive at the centre ice position, he said. Getting better on a daily basis. He got some creativity at centre, and he had the puck more in those situations. There is a fascinating document that many outside of the librarian world may have never heard of. It’s the Library Bill of Rights and this is the 60th anniversary of the formal adoption by the American Library Association. Implications of this document and the movement are still being felt to this very day.

Actor Tom Amandes ( Stone, is 58. Guitarist Rusty Hendrix of Confederate Railroad is 57. Actress Juliette Binoche ( English Patient is 53. Hopefully we can shop it around and get some removal funds.” Here what volunteers will do: “We going to supply the buoys and PVC markers as well. We ask them to run lines which are going to be set up on maps that we give them. We want them to record GPS numbers of any obstructions they encounter, where they marked it and return that sheet to us,” said Savoie.


A) Criminally Supplied Narcotics. The best term I could think of, this is when your DEA agents bust a sedan with a dash board full of Colombian. Perhaps the driver is off to buy a mythos tome with it. Players rebuffed his bad reputation from Philly and instead spoke highly of him all year. Kelly did not let Kaepernick national anthem controversy, nor the franchise record losing streak, tear apart the team. He should get a second chance, unless a new GM has a brighter idea..

Kid narrators aren’t persuasive when they talk like they’re slowly giving an adult lecture. It doesn’t happen in real life, outside plays maybe, and there’s not even an analogue. “Fiji Water is a gift from nature to us,” a very young person says breathily, as a bottle of it onscreen represents the good cop of “Koyaanisqatsi” to the surrounding cityscapes’ bad cop.

Order for sharing does not end the conflict, he said. It creates a regularly scheduled opportunity for conflict that recurs for the rest of the dog’s life. Her dissent, Hoegg also paused to make something clear: must say something more. Pour pallier cette menace, les Patriots semblent plus rapides que jamais. M sans le fiable Julian Edelman, ils misent sur plusieurs receveurs dangereux et multidimensionnels. Et si Brady doit se rabattre sur ses dynamiques porteurs de ballon pour le d les Chiefs subiront l’habituel supplice de la goutte avec de longues s offensives leurs d.

“I’ve forgiven Rae already, but to have any type of relationship with him, there does have to be some repentance,” Adams told the newspaper. “And I think this opens the door. But I can say definitively he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor .

Call volume is going to continue to increase, he said. And as a result, it become and harder to keep response times down. The percentage of times paramedics made it to a sudden cardiac arrest within the target time of six minutes has dropped from 60 per cent in 2013 to 54 per cent currently..

Est en analyse pour avoir un peu plus de stationnements pour les gens du secteur mais on n’est pas encore rendus l avec les de sol. Il faut voir si on peut supporter le b (pendant les travaux) a exprim M. Campeau, qui dit avoir obtenu des r positives jusqu’ pr au sujet de son projet lorsqu’il a consult divers organismes du Vieux Qu.

10, 1865, in Hilliard Station in Franklin County, the son of Irish immigrants. After employment as a clerk in various stores, he bought a Madison County farm in 1891. He also operated a hardware store in Plain City for seven years, eventually adding a furniture factory and a grist mill to his holdings there..

The Bears’ slump of six seasons without reaching the playoffs has proved maddening. Only the Bills (17 seasons), Browns (14), Rams (12), Buccaneers (nine), Jaguars (nine) and Titans (eight) have been kept out of the postseason party longer. And while, here in April, no one is forecasting a sudden Bears resurgence, it’s natural for fans to expect significant signs of on field improvement soon, even with a challenging 2017 schedule awaiting..

In fact, if the team maintained its sellout tradition in the new facility and could lease all of its luxury seats two big ifs it could make almost as much money at the privately funded Laurel stadium as at the publicly funded one proposed for an expansion team in downtown Baltimore.But the risks are high with do it yourself financing, and, say Baltimore football boosters, more sky boxes could be added to the proposed downtown structure at Camden Yards, increasing its profitability.Industry dogma, and history, suggest that privately funded football stadiums never pay for themselves and can threaten the financial health of the team. This is because the structures are costly and are limited in their ability to lure events other than the 10 NFL home games each year.But luxury seats, a relatively new phenomenon in sports, have altered the dynamics. They’ve grown increasingly popular with corporate customers looking to impress clients.

She works day in and day outto help those in need on the other side of the line. “People are in danger,” Slawik says, seeing it as a chance to give back and help others who were in her position. “I grew up seeing an abusive home and I know the cycle of abuse is out there, so I had to stop the abuse with myself so that my kids don’t see and don’t go through what I had to go through.”.

It was pointed out to Jennifer Jones that there are of her in many hotels and restaurants around town. Jones said she proud to have her picture taken with people. Such a privilege and an honour, she said. “I lasted a day (as fullback), I didn know how to take a handoff,” he says. “My mom and dad were always supportive. They were great.

Some members of the posts, along with local NFL fans, are offended by Ravens taking a knee for the anthem at their otherwise forgettable London game on Sept. 24. Ravens and Jaguars players knelt for the anthem in response to President Donald Trump’s comments on Sept.

Everyone always got along especially with the amount of time he (Lawson) spent there. So that something we hope to find out once we capture him. Sheriff has not yet released the names of the victims.. “But I know as soon as we got him, I hit up my guy (Browns defensive back) Jason McCourty that I was in Tennessee with and asked him for Joe number and welcomed him. So I am happy he is here. Everybody is happy he is here, and we want him to get back well and get back to us as soon as possible.

CONDOLENCES: to the family and friends of Kim Julien Brown, 59, taken too soon on Jan. 28 after a battle with breast cancer. By all accounts, the 1988 Troy Bowling Hall of Famer was a great bowler and worked hard to back the sport. The hearing was postponed until the Alabama Supreme Court ruling becomes final. As a matter of procedure, defense attorneys are allowed 14 days in which to file a Request For Rehearing, which is basically a formal request for the court to review its ruling. However, since the ruling was a unanimous 9 0 decision, courtroom observers say they don expect the court to change its mind..

MADISON (WKOW) Wisconsin linebacker Jack Cichy has decided to forgo applying for sixth year of eligibility with the Badgers and instead will enter the NFL draft.At that point in my life, I didn know what the journey was going to hold for me, but I was beyond excited to find out. I was just a kid everyone doubted who was hoping for a shot to prove people wrong and do something special.I took a big risk, and anything could have happened.Fast forward 4 wonderful years and, after having the time of my life in Madison, I in a similar position.I going to take a risk and give it everything I have and see what happens.A 26 year old suspect was arrested for parole violation and retail theft Saturday after he reportedly stole several expensive food items from a Madison grocery store.Verona man arrested for sending e mail of gun to exVerona man arrested for sending e mail of gun to exMadison police worked with neighboring jurisdictions Sunday to bring in a suspect who they say sent threatening messages and a picture of a gun to his ex partner.Madison police worked with neighboring jurisdictions Sunday to bring in a suspect who they say sent threatening messages and a picture of a gun to his ex partner.Indictment: Waterslide in fatal accident was ‘deadly weapon’Indictment: Waterslide in fatal accident was ‘deadly weapon’Updated: Saturday, March 24 2018 10:38 AM EDT2018 03 24 14:38:33 GMT(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File). FILE In this July 9, 2014, file photo, riders go down the water slide called “Verruckt” at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City, Kan.

Most advertisers on the Super Bowl do not have as long a history as Pepsi, Swallen said, averaging three to four years in a row before dropping out. They will often cycle back in, though, because it is a rare chance to reach such a wide audience. The 2009 matchup between Arizona and Pittsburgh attracted 95.4 million people..

Supporters of this tax mess don’t seem to understand the effects it will have on family farmers and ranchers. Independent nonpartisan analysis says it will add $1.5 trillion to the national debt. A statutory provision called PAYGO requires automatic cuts to certain programs to offset increases in deficit spending.

The case places both the cardinal and the pope in potentially perilous territory. For Pell, the charges are a threat to his freedom, his reputation and his career. For Francis, they are a threat to his credibility, given that he famously promised a “zero tolerance” policy for sex abuse in the church.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin: “You know, these are very divisive times for our country and for us as a football team it’s about us remaining solid. We’re not going to be divided by anything said by anyone. “[I told our players] if you feel the need to do anything I’m going to be supportive of that as Americans you have that right. But whatever we do we’re going to do 100 percent, we’re going to do together. We’re not going to let divisive times or divisive individuals affect our agenda.”.

Past winners won again, including Julia Louis Dreyfus, honored as best lead comedy actress for Veep for the fourth time. Allison Janney of Mom and Tony Hale of Veep were repeat winners for supporting comedy acting honors. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart won for best writing, outstanding variety talk show and directing.

Growing up, where I grew up and with my family, you didn’t like white people or trust them. My great grandmother was a slave, and that was part of our heritage. It’s probably no different from white families who don’t trust black people. “I hope this (settlement) is a deterrent.”Guy Fortney, an attorney for Bates, didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment on the settlement.Sheriff Vic Regalado said in a statement he believes the settlement “will allow the process of healing to continue for the Harris family, the citizens of Tulsa County and the hard working men and women of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.”Harris family attorney Dan Smolen said Harris’ legacy brings hope for “some measure of justice and accountability” when a law officer “violates the rights and takes the life of an African American citizen.””Eric’s death, and the profound government corruption uncovered in the wake of his death, served as a wake up call for Tulsa,” Smolen said.The Harris shooting drew thousands of county residents to petition for a grand jury to investigate allegations that Bates was unqualified to serve as a deputy but kept on the force because of his friendship with indicted ex Sheriff Stanley Glanz.Glanz, a fishing buddy of Bates, was indicted in September 2015, accused of failing to release a 2009 internal report that raised serious concerns about Bates’ ability to do its job.The memo, which was leaked to reporters in the weeks after Harris was killed, alleged superiors knew Bates didn’t have enough training but pressured others to look the other way because of the wealthy insurance executive’s relationship with the sheriff and close ties to the agency, which included donating thousands of dollars in cash, vehicles and equipment to the department.Glanz eventually pleaded no contest in 2016 to a charge of refusing to perform official duty for not releasing the 2009 training memo on Bates and was sentenced to a year of jail time, which was suspended.Harris’ death also uncovered a law enforcement agency in disarray.Consultants hired by the county issued a scathing 238 page report found that the sheriff’s office suffered from a “system wide failure of leadership and supervision” and said the agency had been in a “perceptible decline” for more than a decade.Shortcomings in its reserve deputy program were just the most visible signs of trouble within the agency, it said.While Andre Harris told the AP he was glad for a settlement, he doubted whether it would truly improve long simmering tensions between black residents in Tulsa and the police. Those date to a 1921 race riot in which hundreds of black residents were killed and thousands more injured.”It’s sad to say, but this (settlement) ain’t going to stop this,” he said Friday. “It can slow it down, but I don’t think the relationship between law enforcement and African Americans is going to go away over a $6 million settlement.”The Oklahoma Education Association unveiled what it calls a map to renewable revenue for the state which could be used to fund raises for teachers and other state employees, and boost funding for core services including education and health.

What percentage of customers do you think leave Verizon and AT each month? Whatever number you thought, it was too high: The real numbers are a staggering 1.08 percent for AT and 0.91 percent for Verizon. Their Skeletor like grip on their customers comes from these two year contracts, and the fact that phones basically never last for two years anymore. If your phone breaks down with four months left on your contract, you’ll be forced to go without a phone or buy out the remainder of what you owe .

Were out of sync because we were behind the chains, Tomlin said. You get highly penalized and you are working in first and 15 or second and 15, you not going to have a great running game. You can write whatever story you want to write about him missing the preseason and all of that.

By then, they could also be looking for yet another new coach and perhaps new people overseeing their player personnel department.Tanking, in general, doesn’t seem as if it works as well for football as it does in other sports if, in fact, it truly is a legitimate solution for turning a trash heap into a contender. You need a great quarterback to be elite in the NFL, but there is no assurance that simply putting yourself in position to grab a player at that position first overall will solve all your problems.You have to also be making the right moves with the majority of your other acquisitions in the draft and free agency and cap management. It also doesn’t hurt to have strong coaching and good system fits throughout.Besides, the NFL has long been built on a foundation of true competitive balance, where the worst team is always picking first and the best team is always picking last.

August 1: Goodell addresses the media for the first time after Rice’s suspension while in Canton, Ohio, for the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies. He defends his decision: “I take into account all of the information before I make a decision on what the discipline will be. In this case, there was no discipline by the criminal justice system.

It can take just one pronunciation or mispronunciation for our credibility to be blown. We judged in a little bit of a different light. But this is 2017, she tells us.. Bryant ran once for 2 yards and caught one pass for 3 yards in a 29 14 win over Cincinnati last Sunday, the second lowest yardage total of his career. Seven games into his return after missing all of the 2016 season because of a drug suspension, Bryant is tied for third on the team with 18 receptions. He’s also third in targets, though his 13.0 yards per catch is well below the 17.3 yards per reception he averaged while becoming one of the NFL’s most potent deep threats in 2014 and 2015, when he scored 14 touchdowns in 21 games..

It is a rivalry of similarity and proximity rather than difference and distance. Baltimore and Pittsburgh are midsized cities on the water that are separated by a four hour drive and the Allegheny Mountains. Both reached heights of prosperity in the Industrial Age and watched too many jobs ebb away in the late 20th century.

Including the postseason, the Packers have won four consecutive games against the Cowboys. In Weeks 15 16, Green Bay travels west to play the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals. The Packers have won six consecutive games against the Raiders, including two on the road, and seven of the last eight regular season matchups against the Cardinals, including each of the past three.

Also a common tactic used by dodgy characters at night is to ask for a cigarette or to ask for the time. This is sometimes a tactic to weigh up your accent, or to see how vulnerable you are. The best policy, I have found, is to keep on the move, once you stop, that’s when an attempted attack might take place.

Baldwin’s tweet comes a day after linebacker Bobby Wagner said he wasn sure if he would sit during the anthem. But he told the Seattle Times we want to do, it not going to be individual. It going to be a team thing. Frank Leahy won four national titles at Notre Dame. He never coached a postseason game. John McKay won four national titles at Southern Cal.

The NHL holiday roster freeze officially began Tuesday night league wide. The halt ensures that players enjoy a Merry Christmas, at least until Dec. Local time when the freeze is lifted and general managers can wheel and deal after that. Atlanta star QB Matt Ryan would square off against neophyte Dennis Dixon. Easy money, right? Not so much. Pittsburgh went on to win that game in overtime, 15 9..

The Rams drew an average of 80,000 last year, partly because of excitement over the team arrival. The team, expecting a drop off for the second year, says it intentionally capped tickets at 56,000 this season to improve the fan experience. They reported attendance of more than 25,000 for Sunday game.

Washington’s cornerback, Barry Wilburn (45), tries to stop Denver Broncos’ Ricky Nattiel (84), from getting into the end zone after Nattiel hauled in a pass from quarterback John Elway during first quarter of Super Bowl XXII on Sunday, Jan. 31, 1988 in San Diego, Calif. Nattiel scored on the 56 yard play.

D’abord peru comme un march secondaire et boud par plusieurs acteurs de l le jeu vido intresse de plus en plus de studios. En mars dernier, on apprenaitl’ouverture d’un studio Montral crant une cinquante d d’ici la fin de l’t 2011. Ce studio aura pour mandat d’amener l’exprience Playfish sur le march du mobile..

Michigan: The Wolverines lost by 20 at Nebraska back in January in one of their worst offensive showings of the season. Abdur Rahkman said Michigan failed to adjust to the Huskers’ defensive switches. “I think we just seen it a lot more. CHICAGO BEARS at MINNESOTA VIKINGS BEARS: DNP: CB Bryce Callahan (quadricep), CB Sherrick McManis (concussion), TE Zach Miller (illness). LIMITED: WR Alshon Jeffery (calf), LB Pernell McPhee (knee), CB Tracy Porter (ankle), DT Will Sutton (knee). VIKINGS: DNP: LB Anthony Barr (groin, hand), DE Scott Crichton (concussion, neck), DE Everson Griffen (shoulder), DT Linval Joseph (foot).

Brady gets it done with hodge podge OCs and hodge podge receivers and RBs. Every NE OC that goes on to a better job should pay at least 80% of their salaries as a kick back to Tom Brady. Tom Brady MADE Charlie Weis. Gibson, who is 5 foot 11 and 191 pounds, is a threat who ran a 4.50 40 at the combine. He has been compared to former Eagles star DeSean Jackson and averaged 22.6 yards per catch in his career. Gibson finished with 43 catches for 951 yards and eight touchdowns last season, and 36 percent of his catches during the last two seasons were for 25 plus yards..

Overall for his career, he has totaled 18 such field goals, including 12 field goals with under 2:00 to play.Prater, who already owned the longest field goal in Lions history (59 yards in the 2015 regular season finale at Chicago, 1/3/16), kicked the second longest in team history at Minnesota (11/6) this season, a 58 yarder as regulation time expired to force overtime in a game Detroit would eventually win, 22 16.The NFL will play the 2017 Pro Bowl on Sunday, January 29 in Orlando, Fla. At Camping World Stadium. Prater, who spent four seasons at the University of Central Florida (2002 05), played his home games at Camping World Stadium (formerly known as the Citrus Bowl) as a member of the Golden Knights football team..

That a really good thing for the Winnipeg Jets. I not particularly concerned about it. Jets dropped a 5 2 decision to the Golden Knights last month in Las Vegas in a game was pulled from after the second period after giving up five goals on 22 shots on goal..

I think people are gonna be pleasantly surprised when they hear me and him on a record together. It’s our first time we ever did something together. This is a record that I think people are gonna be excited (about). He also was an eight time Pro Bowl selection and a two time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He died of natural causes at age 74 on June 3, 2013. [ + ].

Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the association of professional American football leagues. The Super Bowl Sunday, which is the day of the year set aside for the big game, has since the onset developed into an unofficial US holiday. On this day each year, hundreds of millions of people stay glued to watch the event transmitting live to almost all nooks and crannies of the earth.

Hockey team pulled off its “Miracle on Ice” upset of the powerful Soviet Union, sits the same outdoor speed skating oval where local hero Jack Shea won two gold medals in 1932 and Heiden accomplished his stunning achievement of five golds. Plunk down $8 to skate, or walk to the 30 foot high converted ski jump trestle that sends toboggans down two ice covered chutes onto frozen Mirror Lake, or go for a dogsled ride at the other end of the lake. The Olympic Museum next to the hockey rinks inside the Olympic Center has exhibits spanning the history of the 1932 and 1980 games..

Finally, in June 2008, Herren ended up in a hospital for an overdose of heroin. He was released from the hospital and a police officer who had watched him play as a kid let him go with a summons instead of taking him to jail. A nurse ran out after Herren, and told him she had known his mother who had died earlier.

Plus 0 3 vs OSU, 0 3 vs MSU, 0 2 vs Iowa, 0 3 vs PSU, 1 2 vs Wiscy. We all know the D stats and the special teams stats performance are horrendous; and the O stats overall are pretty good, but not great (for example only 4th in scoring in the BT). But what about these stats these are stats that reveal good or not so good coaching, and many are for the O (which is where RR is supposed to be a genius or guru): LAST in the BT in turnovers; 6th in the BT in penalties; 9th in the BT in Red Zone Offense; last in the BT in time of possession (not good with a terrible D).

THE BULLET PROOF VEST TEST In Tampa, Fla., Saturday night a man identified as Joaquin Mendez, age 23, was studying his bullet proof vest and apparently it showed some wear and tear. So he pulled on the life saving device, sat down in a chair, and had his cousin shoot him with a handgun. The vest did not work.

In July 2013, Edwards called the Miami Beach sneaker store where her ex worked and posed as Officer Diann Mich. She spoke to her ex’s boss and claimed the man was under investigation for crimes related to the business. She then emailed her ex’s boss two police reports that claimed the ex had been selling counterfeit shoes out of the store.

“I’m not going to sit here and say a rookie is going to shut down Jimmy Graham,” Baalke said in the 49ers’ auditorium after Day 2 of the draft. “At times you’re going to single him. At times you’re going to double him. You would be hard pressed to find anybody with a bad word about him. We shared each other’s hopes and dreams on long trips. He lived some of them, travelling to exotic places around the globe to wrestle .

NFL rookies received some lessons this week on how to manage their finances as part of the league’s annual four day rookie symposium at the La Costa resort in Carlsbad, Calif. The 252 draft picks, most of them fresh out of college, sat through a presentation from NFL sponsor Visa Inc. That reviewed the importance of saving part of what they earn and keeping track of their credit score..

Dallas, noted the club needs to finish strong. “I’ve had coaches say ‘You get bitter or you get better’ and I think we’re going to choose the latter here and try to get better every day we’re at the rink,” Duchene said. “We had everyone pulling (against Dallas) and we didn’t have any passengers.

The Trump administration has taken a middle ground in the case. Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall told the justices that the law , as applied to the licensed centers, violates the First Amendment and the state has “multiple alternative” ways to pursue its objectives including advertising its services itself..

NFL rejects Super Bowl ad from veterans group that asks players to stand during anthem. RT if you stand with our Veterans in this matter. The league isn’t about football anymore and it is driving fans away. Think he is (pressing) a little bit, said Pats head coach/GM John Paddock, who an assistant coach on Team WHL. A lot of (bad) luck involved. Players go through tough times.

John Fox has the worst winning percentage in Bears history. Which coaches are safe . And not?Hot seat watch: Projecting which NFL coaches will get firedThe Giants made Ben McAdoo the first head coaching casualty of the 2017 season earlier this week.

Nothing needs to be done right now. Heaven knows the cash strapped state has more pressing matters on its hands than professional sports. But it’s time we start thinking about a long term plan. Linebackers coach Garret Chachere thinks his unit is up to the challenge. He said the team has been unable to make decisions as to who would start because of the glut of experienced players who could fill the positions. This is a positive development for the unit, as it indicates that the Bears finally possess some much needed depth..